Why do we create art? Every culture creates art. Paleolithic people in the most adverse conditions created animal drawings on cave walls. What did these drawings do for them? Why did they create art? Where their reasons different from ours?  In our living there is art. We all look for an esthetic in our live. From the food we eat, to the gadgets we use, to the cloths we wear, we look for an esthetic in things we do to express ourselves.  Just by living we express ourselves.


Christmas Cards


Christmas Cards Every year I make Christmas Cards to send to my friends and family. Why do I do this? To bring some laughter to them? To let them know I am alive and thinking of them? To make me feel better? Or all of the above?


Obama Series

Obama Series The Obama series is an ongoing series of artwork concerning President Obama and the obstacles he has had to overcome during his presidential run and presidency.


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